Release Notes 19.3

As part of our commitment to your success, we’re happy to announce several improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. We will roll out these changes in stages beginning Monday, March 25. All customers will have the release by Monday, April 8.

Updated WebLink Login Screens

As we move more of our features into the browser version of WebLink, we are working to consolidate the different interfaces you see and work with every day. After this release, when you log in to the desktop version of WebLink you'll see the following login screen:

The change is only to the look of the login screen; you do NOT need to change your password.

In addition, when you go to to access the web browser version, you'll have a slightly different login workflow:

First, enter your email address.


Then, enter your password and hit Login. You're in!


Improved Member Password Security

To improve the security and experience your members have in logging in to your Member portal, we are updating our password protection practices to meet current standards. This means that you will no longer be able to see your members' passwords displayed in the database or send them in plain text via email. Instead, we have some new and simple workflows that will empower your members to easily access the members-only features without relying on you:

  • Set Password: with one click, you can send new or existing members a link that securely gives them the ability to manage their own credentials
    The member's password will no longer be displayed in the Password field. This field will appear blank for all members - don't worry, their old password still works! You just can't see it for security purposes. You can enter and save a new username and password on behalf of your member, or you can click the Send Password Reset Email link to allow them to change their own password. 

  • Members (and related profiles) can create a password as long as they have a valid email address meeting the restrictions that you've put in place to determine who has access

  • You can continue to include the existing "Portal Login Credentials" special field in all mass emails out of the system, which will deliver the secure "set password" link to the member

Click here for more details and a list of FAQs regarding the member password updates.

New Browser Dashboard

We asked you recently what metrics matter most to you when it comes to measuring your organization's success. You told us; we took note; and we've created a beautiful, new dashboard tool to help. Now, when you log in to the browser version of WebLink using (or clicking through from your database), you'll see a brand new dashboard with Membership, Event, and Finance sections giving you a snapshot of your organization's performance. Click here to learn more!


This month's release includes the following enhancements and fixes: 

  • Resolved an issue causing some members to be blocked from Member portals
  • Added a menu link to the browser version of WebLink from the desktop Workspace menu
  • Public REST API: resolved an issue with the GET /contacts endpoint


Current Version Numbers
Desktop Installation:
Web Browser Version: 19.3
Public Form (Event registration) Version: 19.3.1


  • Is there a way to customize that reset email? I just tested it, and it's a very plain email that doesn't say our organization anywhere. I'm afraid people won't think it's real if we need to use the password reset.

  • Hi Amanda,
    The Password Reset email is an exact copy of what the member would see if they clicked the "Forgot Login" link when trying to log in. Its intention is to help you when you're on the phone with a member and in the past have been able to view their plain text password and give it to them. Now, instead, you can tell them you're about to send them an email to set the password themselves.

    For a more personalized/explanatory email that is not a result of a direct ask from the member, I'd recommend using the Mass Communicator and including the [[PORTALLOGGINLINK]] special field. You can set up a template so you don't have to compose the email every time, and that option will allow you full control over the content of the email, who it's from, etc.

    That said - if you have other needs that the profile "Send Password Reset Link" could better serve, please click the Submit an Enhancement Idea at the top of this page and let us know! I'd love to hear more.

  • When you say
    "Members (and related profiles) can create a password as long as they have a valid email address meeting the restrictions that you've put in place to determine who has access"

    What exactly does that mean? What are the restrictions that we need to set?

  • Hi Heather,
    You can see your Portal Settings that determine which profiles should have access to the Member portal in WebLink in your Admin menu. Go to Admin > Set Preferences > Profile Portal Settings, and there is a dropdown that allows you to choose Members, Members and Main Contact, Members and Primary Related Profiles, or Members and any Related Profiles. You can also remove all restriction and just set that to All Profiles.

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