Standard Report Update - 3/12/18

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce an update to the standard report library available through your WebLink database. You have hundreds of standard, presentation-style reports at your fingertips in WebLink, and with this update we've improved the look and feel, layout and readability of these reports. 

All of the same reports you've always had are still available, with all of the same data, grouping, parameters, etc. We've simply enhanced the text/interface to make things easier to read and bring continuity to your reporting. Below is an example of the previous version of the Executive Dashboard:


And the new version:


You'll notice new, consistent fonts, the removal of WebLink logos/taglines, and simplified header text. The content of the reports has not changed. 

NOTE that to get the updated versions of these reports in your desktop version of WebLink, you'll need to go to Reports > Download Latest Reports and run the download. This only takes a few minutes, and needs to be done on each machine that uses the desktop version of WebLink. 

Finally, remember that if you have had any of these reports customized (either internally or by MemberClicks), those custom versions will not be updated. 

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  • The Chamber's focus, as I understand it, is less on the number of employees, can we replace that section with something else?

  • I agree with Paula Taylor. We have switched within the last year to a benefits based approach and this does not apply to us anymore as well.

  • Good idea, Paula. We would find one of our other custom info fields more valuable.

    [Also, the vote up and down functionality doesn't seem to be working properly. I think I was the 2nd person to vote for your suggestion, but it went from -1 to 0. Strange.]

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