Running Statements

In WebLink, Statements are reports that can be run at any time to show members (or any profiles) how much money they owe you. When you run them, WebLink will list the important information for every open invoice on one consolidated report. There are two standard Statement reports in WebLink:

  • Statement for a Specific Profile
  • Statements for all Profiles that have open invoices

Running a Statement for a single Profile

There are two ways to run a Statement Report for a single profile:

  1. Go to the Reports > Revenue Reports . Statement Reports > Statement by Profile ID
  2. When the report asks, enter the Profile ID of the Profile in question


  1. Go to the Transactions Tab of the Profile in question
  2. In the Transaction Actions drop-down Menu, Select View Statement
  3. Click Go

Running Statements for All Profiles with Open Invoices

Follow these steps to run Statements for All Profiles with Open Invoices:

  1. Go to Reports > Revenue Reports > Statement Reports > Statement (All Profiles with Open Invoices)
  2. The Statements Report will run with each Profile having it's own Statement included in the report


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  • Can we email statements in a group the same way we can a group of invoices?

  • Hi Stephanie, There's no way to email statements that are similar in nature to the Statement Reports you can run for either a single profile or all profiles with an open balance. However, you could use the Profile Selector's Common Data Views tab to identify every profile with an open invoice, and then email them the Open Invoices link. In essence, you'd be sending this only to people with an open balance and the info they see on the Open Invoices page would be the same as what would appear on a Statement. Make sense?

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