Release Notice - 15.8 - 8/10/2015

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. 

As with previous releases, we will roll out these changes in stages beginning Tuesday, August 11th. All customers will have the release by Tuesday, August 18th.

Reassign Multiple Tasks At Once

WebLink's Task and Project Management feature allows you to easily manage to-do items, event planning, new member and retention plan projects, prospect sales projects, and more. One of the key components of this feature is the ability to assign tasks to each WebLink user, allowing them to manage to-do items in their own private dashboard. We've improved this tool by allowing you to select multiple tasks and/or projects and reassign them to a new user without having to edit each task individually.

From the My Dashboard screen, Task Selector, or the Tasks tab of a Project, right-click to choose "Assign Selected Task(s) to a User." 


You can then select from any active WebLink user, and apply the change to all selected tasks instantly.


Projects can also be reassigned in mass, from the Project Selector, which is highly useful for reassigning retention and sales projects to new staff. From the Project Selector, right click to find an option to "Assign Selected Project(s) to a User."

If you don't currently utilize the Task/Project Management features, click here to learn more about its many useful tools to help you manage member and event to-do items.


Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Resolved an error that occurred after copying an existing event
  • Resolved an error that some users experienced periodically when closing the Profile Browser
  • Fixed an issue in which assigning an event attendee to a profile did not save
  • Fixed an issue in which Automatic Recurring Billing records did not always create invoices and/or timed out
  • Improved the "Override Profile Default Settings" feature in a Listing to automatically load default profile information, to streamline the process of overriding profile information in your online directory.
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1 comment
  • I am sure these are all useful fixes, but it has been  more than 3 years (four?) that the new event module has been rolled out.  It is still completely unusable. The links to bring up screens are still painfully slow (as in get a cup of tea and come back, slow). The event design screen is too small and still cannot justify graphics with text.  The numbers of registrations does not update in event with a REFRESH button - you must go out and come back in (which means another cup of tea). The add a registration is completely un-automated (ie, way too manual - really, the default state for extra attendees is AR??? And why does the attendees addresses etc., not get updated with the main profile? If we want to change the profile to the related profile information, that is easy enough to manually overwrite).  I have ore, but in short, I spent a great amount of my time and reputation to keep our chamber with Weblink AND purchasing the new web CMS.  As they said on Saturday Night Live "Just Fix It!!"

    Annette McGarity, Project Director

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