WebLink Browser Interface - Setting Up Your User Account

To successfully log in to the WebLink Browser interface, your user record must have both an email address and a profile associated with it. To verify this, you (or your system administrator) can follow these steps:

1. Verify that a profile exists in your database for the user. If one does not exist, go to Profiles > Create a New Profile to create one. The profile can simply be an individual with a name and email address; no further information is required.

2. Go to Admin > Manage Users. Click on the user in question.

3. If not already filled in, enter an email address for the user (it must be the same email listed in the user's profile).

4. Click the [...] button next to the profile ID field, then search for the profile referred to in step 1 above. Click Select.

5. Click Save.

On May 15, 2015, we will announce how you access the WebLink Browser Interface.  Each user in your WebLink Connect database must be configured using the process above so they can successfully log in.


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  • There is not enough information describing the feature you are promoting.  Why would I want to manually click and configure all my users in my database?  Please help me understand.  Perhaps a web demo of what you were describing with screenshots would have been helpful?

  • I agree - this is the most difficult website I have ever encountered. I'm trying to register my boss for something and going back and forth between screens to create a profile is too time consuming.

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