WebLink Browser Interface - Home Screen

The WebLink Browser Interface contains four elements:

  • Dashboard
  • My To Do List
  • Recently Viewed Profiles
  • Recent Activity

Details on each element are below:



Get an instant view of your organization’s current financial status with the all new Executive Dashboard, available only in the WebLink browser access to WebLink Connect. Note the Dashboard is only visible to users with access to view Revenue Reports.   Learn more about setting up the Dashboard here.


My To Do List

This sections displays tasks assigned to the logged in user with due dates in the next seven days, tasks with reminder dates of today's date (or later) and tasks that are overdue. The 20 tasks with due dates or reminder dates closest to today's date are shown. Global tasks (those assigned to all users) are also shown. If the logged in user does not have any tasks assigned to them with due dates in the next 7 days, this section does not display.   Information displayed for each task includes:

  • Task Title - Linked to the full task details
  • Profile the task is related to (if any) - Linked to the Profile record
  • Task Due Date (displays in red text if overdue).



Recently Viewed Profiles

Displays the 20 most recently viewed profiles by the logged in user.  Includes profiles viewed in the desktop application interface, iPad app or browser interface.

Information shown in this list includes:

  • Organization/Individual Indicator
  • Member/Non-Member Indicator
  • Profile Name
  • Profile Address (if entered)
  • Profile Default Phone (if entered)
  • Profile Email (if entered)

Each Recently Viewed Profile includes links to view profile details and a link to send an email to the profile’s email address using your default email client. On smartphones, the Profile's phone number is linked to call that number when clicked by the logged in user.



Recent Activity

Displays the 20 most recent activities such as:

  • Payments for invoices
    • Link to the invoice that was paid
    • Link to the profile of the invoice
  • New members
    • Link to the profile
  • New contacts that have been recorded on profiles
    • Link to the profile that had the contact recorded
  • New event registrations
    • Link to the Event management screen for that Event
  • New tasks created
    • Link to the task
    • Link to the profile with which the task is associated

Each Activity includes an indicator of how long ago the activity occurred (2d 1h for 2 days, 1 hour). At the end of the list a “See More” link can be clicked to load 20 more recent activities, up to the last 60 days of activity.



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