Profile Selector Configuration Settings

The Profile Selector (Profiles > Select Profiles or F2) is one of your key tools to search for profiles and generate lists in your database. You can set up the results grid of the Profile Selector to contain the fields that are most useful for your organization to view and export in Profile Selector Settings in your Admin section. The fields that you choose on this screen will display as columns for all users in the Profile Selector when you run any search.

  1. Go to Admin > Set Preferences > Profile Selector Settings.
  2. Each set of fields that you can choose to show/hide is displayed in 6 sections in the menu on the left side of the screen, starting with Basic Profile Info. You can click on each section to display the fields available for that section.

  3. Check the box next to each field that you would like displayed as a column in the Profile Selector search results grid. Uncheck any columns you would like to hide.
  4. If you would like to rename any of the column headers, click in the text box to the right of the checkbox and type in your alternate column name.
  5. Once all fields have been selected/named according to your preferences, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Note that once these changes have been saved, the Profile Selector grid will update for all users (you'll need to close/reopen the Profile Selector screen to see the updated grid).

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  • Love it!  One question though. Under other, there are fields for number of events attended, number of referrals, etc.  How far back does that go?  

    And who's attendance is it?  If I'm pulling a list of member companies, is it the events recorded under the company and if I'm pulling individuals, the number that person has attended?  


  • Hi Wendy! Glad to hear you love it! For Events, Referrals and Contacts the count is for the past 12 months. The last event "signed up" is going to be on the profile assigned to the Sign Up record in the event (usually the organization), and the last event "attended" is going to be on the profile assigned to the Attendee record (usually the individual).

  • Is it possible to also show the listing expiry date?  This would be VERY useful.



  • Could we add the profile's Title as an option as well?

  • Hi Phil! The Profile Title field is already available, you can enable/disable it on the Basic Profile Info section of the settings. Thanks!

  • How do I add a field that isn't currently offered in the selector?

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