How to Set up WebLink Connect to Integrate with Twitter

WebLink Connect's Social Media Auto-Posting allows your organization to automatically post new members, events and new items to your organization's Twitter account.

You can choose which type(s) of information you would like to post to you networks: New Members, Events and News

You have two choices for controlling the posting of these items: Automatic and Prompted.

When you choose Automatic posting, your selected items will automatically post to the connected Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

When you choose the Prompted posting, you staff will be prompted to post when they save/create the selected items.

Why is this valuable?

Many associations would like to be more active on Social Media, but do not have the time or dedicated staff to consistently create content to post. WebLink's integration capabilities free you from having to add additional resources in order to accomplish this important activity. Once configured, all you do is go about your normal business, and WebLink will ensure your Social Media sites are rich with content.

Setting up Social Media Auto Posting

To set up your Social Media Auto Posting Setting, go to Admin > Set Preferences > Social Media Settings > Association Social Media Settings
Connecting Twitter
To connect your organization’s Twitter account, click on the“Connect w/ Twitter” button.

You will be prompted to login/authenticate to Twitter. If you are already logged in to Twitter, you will see your account information.   If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

Please note: make sure you are not logged in using a personal account. You’ll want to login using your organization’s account.

Click “Authorize App” to connect your organization’s Twitter account to WebLink Connect.
You’ll then be able to select the items you want posted to Twitter: New Members, Upcoming Events and News.  (See Criteria for Posting below)
If you do not want New Members and News to be posted automatically, check the box for “Prompt user when posting New Members and News to Twitter.”   If this option is chosen, users will be prompted to post each time they save one of the selected items.
Enter the number of days before an event that you want WebLink Connect to post that event to Twitter.   For example, if you would like all of your events posted to Twitter 14 days before the event date, enter "14" in this field.
Enter an email address for your Twitter admin staff.  This email address will receive an email notification each time an event posts to your Twitter account.
Criteria for posting each item are:
New Members – When you check the member checkbox for a profile and give the profile a member activity type flagged as an Add type. Also, each member must have an active web listing for them to be posted.  
Upcoming Events – When you save a new event.   Clicking Save on previously existing events will not post those events.
New – When you save a new news item. Clicking Save on previously existing news items will not post those new items.

If you do not want those items to be posted automatically, check the box for “Prompt user to post to Twitter.”   If this option is chosen, users will be prompted to post each time they save one of the selected items.

User Prompts

When a user is prompted to post to Facebook or Twitter they will have the option of choose to post the item or not.    If you don’t want to post the particular item, click “Don’t Promote…” If you want to post the item to the selected networks, click “Post Selected Items.”
What Gets Posted to Twitter?
The same information and links get posted to Twitter that are posted to Facebook, except for the photos next to the posts. Also, due to the 140 character limit of Twitter, WebLink will not include the member's address, city, state, zip and phone number when posting to Twitter.


 This feature is included or available for purchase with the following WebLink Connect packages.


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