Report Catalog - Member Information Update Form

Report Overview

The intent of this report is to create a form that you can send to members which details most of the member's information. The member can then review their information and send you back any corrections if necessary by a deadline date that you specify.  This report includes the Member's names, addresses, phone numbers, business classifications, affiliations, etc..


This is one method of keeping your membership information up to date.  An alternative method would be to utilize the power of your Membership portal.

How to Run

From the File Menu, choose Reports > Member Reports > Member Information Update Form
Upon running the report, it will prompt you for the following parameter(s):
  • Please enter the date you wish to have this form returned to you. (Return Form By) - Enter the date you wish the form to be returned by..
  • Enter a Profile ID (ProfileID) - Enter a Profile ID. You can find Profile ID numbers in several places in WeblinkCONNECT, including the Profile Browser's General Tab.  **Enter the Profile ID of '0' it will run all Member ( check box) Profiles.


Here is a sample of the report's output:
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  • I was able to run this report, however, we have sub-categories and they do not show up on the report.

    How do I get them to appear on the report? Thanks.

  • Can I print this form in a batch for all of my members?

  • For the "Send Bills To" portion, some of our members want to list a person other than the person who is currently listed in the "Current Information" section. I cannot figure out how to do this. Any advice?

  • I figured out my above question, but it makes me wonder: Does anyone from Weblink ever ANSWER questions on these forums? (This isn't the only question I've posted that hasn't received a response.)

  • I want to get the Member Information Update Form by Billing Info. Is that possible?

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