Does My Site Have Google Analytics?

Yes! Your site does have Google Analytics. WebLink adds Google Analytics tracking code to all sites as part of the site creation process.

How do I access my Analytics data?

When your site was created either you already had your own Analytics account or WebLink created an Analytics account and tracking code for you.

1. Accessing Analytics if the Chamber already had an account and tracking code.

If you had your own account and tracking code then you access Analytics using the email associated with the Google Account that has access to that tracking code. You can log into your Google account from any Google website and then navigate to where your data will be waiting for you:


Please note that in the event you no longer have access to the email account that has Analytics access WebLink is unable to grant you access to that information. You would need to either track down the person who had that access or we can create a new Analytics account for you and plug that new tracking code into your site.

2. Accessing Analytics if WebLink created your account and tracking code.

When WebLink created your Analytics account when creating your site, your organization provided us with an email associated with a Google account to be granted access to your Analytics information. You can access your Analytics information by logging into that Google account and navigating to (see image above) where your data will be waiting for you.

If WebLink created your Analytics account and you don't remember the email used to access that information you can call our Support department and we can either provide you with the email that currently has access or grant read access to a new Google account.

I have access. Now what?

If you are new to Google Analytics their platform can seem overwhelming at first. Before diving in you should start by checking out Google's excellent Analytics support page which provides a great deal of in-depth information about navigating and using the platform like a pro.

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