Job Bank - Editing Job Submissions

Are members able to edit jobs after they are posted?


Yes, your members will receive a confirmation email when they submit a job that contains a link, and instructs them to click on the link if they need to update the information in the job posting. The link will take them directly to your job submission form on your website, but with all of their job information already filled in. They can then make changes and re-submit the job. You will accept it just like you would a brand new submission, and the job will then update on your website.

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  • Is there any way to edit the submission from WC if they have lost the link? 

  • Hi Jamie! Yes, you can edit the submissions from the Web Input screen. Go to Communications > Web Input and search for the employerform page for the date of submission. Then click over to the Vertical View tab, where each question and answer is listed in its own row. You can click in the Response field for any row, made edits to the Response, and then right-click in the grid and choose Save Response Changes.

  • If there are several input responses, how do you choose the one you want to edit in the vertical tab view?

  • We don't want to offer the Job Bank on our website. How do we hide or remove it?

  • How can a member who posted the job remove it once the job is filled? Can they do that themselves, or do we have to do that for them?

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