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We have found that using YouTube to host the video and then embedding the 'Share' code on your site is the best way to provide a video that all users can watch (mobile, mac, windows, linux, etc.) on almost any browser. Once the video is uploaded, if you use the Share/Embed option, Youtube will provide you with a piece of code you can add to the HTML content of any page on your site.

Google provides an excellent step by step guide on how to retrieve your embed code.  Here is the link!

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  • Joe - I've taken this approach and tried to use it on the Events module - inserting the embed code into the HTML under the "Full Description" - but it doesn't seem to work.  (And Yes, I've gone into the "View HTML" screen and done it there.)

    Can you please provide some guidance?

    Thanks!  Eppi Azzaretto, Fort Walton Beach, FL


  • Hi Eppi,

    Unfortunately, the new Event module description is a much-simplified version of the HTML editor you can find for the content on your website, and does not support the YouTube embed code.  You can put a link to the video, but not the actual video itself.  If you'd like to add this as a suggestion, please do so in our Feature Requests forum!

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