Members Only Password Retrieval

There are two options for a member to get their username/password if they have forgotten it.

1. On the login screen of any restricted page of your website, there is a "Click here for personal login information" link. If the member clicks that, they can enter their email address to have the credentials sent automatically. Note that you MUST have a valid email address in WebLink for them, and the system will only be able to send the username/password entered into the profile with that email address exactly.

2. If the email cannot be found above or the member calls in asking for their password, you can send it to them using the email special field "Portal Login Credentials Link" in the Mass Communicator. Click here to learn how to email passwords to profiles.

If you (or the member) would prefer to reset the password, you can do this in the member's profile. Open the profile, then go to the Web tab, then Portal. Delete the masked password already displayed in the password field, and carefully type in the new password (your characters will be masked for security purposes). Click Save.


This feature is included or available for purchase with the following WebLink Connect packages.


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