WebLink Acquired by MemberClicks: FAQ

We have some very exciting news to share! As you know, we’ve been growing a lot in the past few years (especially this year), and we’re very excited to announce that we’ve just been acquired by MemberClicks, an association management software (AMS) company located in Atlanta, GA.

 We know that you may have few questions for us, so we wanted to be sure to provide you with a few answers!

 How is WebLink different from MemberClicks?

We both serve the association market, but we do so from different perspectives and needs. As you know, WebLink Connect™ is a highly configurable AMS and website solution built for medium to high complexity chambers and associations. MemberClicks, on the other hand, is an AMS and event management system designed for small staff associations. Combined, we will be able to create superior opportunities for member-based organizations and enhance the way that they are leveraging technology to better serve their members.

 How will this affect you and your WebLink account?

It won’t—except for the getting even better part! We really want to emphasize the fact that for you, nothing will change about your day-to-day engagement with us. We’ll still be providing the same WebLink Connect™ system and offering the same customer support and services that are currently available.

 How will this help us deliver more value to you?

It takes a lot of people power to continuously improve and support a complex AMS. By combining with MemberClicks, we will have even more resources at our fingertips and will continue to invest in the development and improvement of the WebLink platform. That being said, our ability to support you and your members will only increase as well.

 What’s changing at WebLink?

Well, in the near term not much! But in the long term, we will be hiring new experts across the board so that we can deliver an even better customer experience across all fronts.

 Are you going to migrate me to the MemberClicks platform? 

Absolutely not! Quite the opposite, actually. We are going to invest heavily into making the WebLink Connect™  product even better, more configurable and easier to use.

 Is my price going to change?

No. We are dedicated to making sure we continue to provide the best product and service for the best price in the market.

 Is WebLink going away?

Nope! We are one company now with three products:

  • The MemberClicks solution for small-staff associations
  • The WebLink Connect™ solution for mid-sized associations and chambers
  • ePly, a standalone event registration solution

As we combine forces between the companies, MemberClicks will be the overall brand but WebLink will maintain its own product line and staff!

I have worked with the same folks for years. Will they still be there?

Absolutely! Both teams are dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for all of our clients. We are building a bigger, better company-- not breaking one down!

 Simply put, we are going to take this opportunity to do what we do and make it even better! We’re so excited about this next chapter in our growth, and we hope you can join us in that excitement. Of course if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. Our doors (and inboxes) are always open.

 As always, thank you for growing with WebLink.


  • Sounds very exciting you guys! Congratulations.

  • Great news. Look forward to improvements to Weblink Connect!

  • Congrats! This is exciting.

  • Congratulations! Thanks for delivering us a great product.

  • I'd like to hear some definitions as to what defines a small, mid-size associations and chambers?

  • Echo what Sean Cook asked - please provide definitions as to what defines a small and mid-size chamber. We are a small Chamber (17 staff members). We've VERY happy with the WebLink product so this news is both exciting and a little scary at the same time!

  • Hi folks, thank you for all the positive feedback. We are pretty excited too. "Small and "Medium" are relative terms, in that we see all sorts of combinations with those umbrellas: small staff (1-5 people) managing thousands of members who pay very little in dues, vs. larger staff (15-20 people) managing less than 100 members who pay large amounts in dues. It's not always a direct comparison. Most chambers would consider 17 staff to be on the medium to high end. In the end it comes down to whether or not the software you use matches your internal complexity (dues structures, event options, communications strategies, etc), and allows you to grow in to the areas you want to use later. Also, you do not have to worry about being moved from one product to another; that is absolutely not the plan. Both products will be receiving an increase in development to further specialize in what we're both already good at.

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