Email Members not yet Registered for an Event

A WebLink Best Practice is to continue marketing an event to all members and related profiles until the event date. Because of WebLink's granular ability to email specific profiles, you can easily identify and email any grouping of Organizations and/or Individuals who have not yet been registered in a particular event.

Find the Profiles you want to Email

Follow these steps to find and email Members who have not yet registered for an event:

  1. Take note of the Event ID number you are wanting to promote.
  2. Go to Profile > Select Profiles. The Profile Selector will appear.
  3. Use any combination of the following criteria for the Profile Selector:
  • On the Profile Info tab, select: Member = True
  1. On the Events Tab, select:
  • Event ID Excludes: Your Event ID(s)
  • Event Profile Type: Choose EITHER "Sign Ups Only" or "Attendees Only" but for an exclude search, do not pick the "Sign Up Or Attendee" option. This would find all profiles that aren't either one or the other, which would include all profiles unless you assign the same profile ID to both the sign up and the attendee records. If your members are organizations, choose "Sign Up."

Click Preview. The Data Grid will display all members who have not been registered as a Registration Contact for this particular event.

If your list of Profiles includes only Organizations and you want to include Individuals Related to those Organizations (e.g. Employees), follow these additional steps:

  1. Click the Related Profiles Tab, then click the Add Related Profiles to Results Tab
  2. Use any of the 3 check boxes to decide which type of Related Profile you want to include. You can also use the drop-down menu to select just a specific Relationship Type.
  3. Click Preview

Email your Profiles

  1. Once your Profile List is identified in the Data Grid of the Profile Selector, right-click and choose Select All, or use the Shift or Ctrl Keys to manually select individual or groups of rows in the Data Grid.
  2. Right-click and select Email Selected Profiles. Your mailing list will now populate in the Communicator, for you to write and send your message.



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  • This was never fixed – and my 'Enhancement request' to fix it was removed.

    Is there an update?

    Basically, the events tab in the profile selection area does not work in conjunction with any other tab when excluding sign up or attendees from an event. *include* works fine with other tabs.

    Example: exclude 1 event id and select member = true or an affiliation and the list results do not change when overlapped is confirmed.

    Another example: Enter the report name into the profile selector of a sign up, include event id and the single report name returns, now, remove the include event id and exclude the same event id, and the same organization is returned although clearly there should be 0 results.

  • Tried using this tool today, and it doesn't work. I didn't see the above comment until after trying to use it. This would be a very useful tool. Is there a plan to fix this so that the "exclude" option also works?

  • Michele - 1 year later and never fixed. I'd urge you to submit a help request and also connect with weblink support via *phone call* and reference this howto article and the comments because this article is incorrect since this feature is broken.

    If you only need it for communication purposes then at least this feature *DOES* work (sort of) in the new web communicator tool. The caveat is that if you are still on the old legacy event system this functionality is completely broken there because the new web tool cannot pull attendees or signups whether you choose included or excluded.

    It's a giant hassle because although we upgraded to the new events system and are using the new web communicator tool and have upgraded our future events to the latest events version, we are having to go back through our past events to upgrade them all manually, one at a time, 1) so that we can reference past participants this way for targeted emails and 2) so we won't have to train on 2 event platforms.

    If for some reason you still need to do this in the normal profile selector and not in the new web communicator tool, we used to use this script to exclude profiles. Update the event ID to be the event ID you are referencing.

    1) First add selection criteria (member = true, affiliation list, etc.)

    2) In the advanced tab paste the following (right click paste with mouse):
    Profile.EMAIL not in (select EMAIL from EventAttendees where EventID=1640)
    Profile.EMAIL not in (select EMAIL from EventSignUps where EventID=1640)
    Profile.EMAIL not in (select EMAIL from EventAttendeesHT where EventID=1640)
    Profile.Email not in (select EMAIL from EventSignUpsHT where EventID=1640)

    You could also use just the following if you have all of your profiles linked and you are trying to exclude based solely on profileIDs:

    Profile.profileid not in (select ProfileID from EventAttendees where EventID=1640)
    Profile.profileid not in (select ProfileID from EventSignUps where EventID=1640)

  • Thanks for the feedback on this, everyone! I've made a correction to the help article above, which will allow you to run these searches in the desktop version without needing SQL. The "Sign up OR Attendee" combined option does not work well with the "exclude" option because sign ups and attendees rarely have the same profile ID - meaning most profiles are not BOTH a sign up and an attendee for an event, to properly exclude them.

    You can get around this by only choosing Sign Ups Only, or if looking for related profiles, only choosing Attendees Only. If you want to send an email to both individuals and companies, you can just add your criteria twice - once for Sign Ups Only and once for Attendees Only. Or as Eric mentions, you can use the browser version, which corrects for this either/or exclude logic.

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